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Girls Rippers FAQ

1. When is Girls Rippers season?

  1. We typically hold tryouts in January and then start practice end of May/Early June. There is break in August and then we start back up in September, we allow for small breaks around the holidays and end in January after MLK weekend.
    1. Tryouts are Jan 30th!
    2. Tryouts are early due to the club needing to book hotels, hold flights and pay for tournaments. Many tournaments require a deposit a YEAR in advanced!

2. What is the cost?

  1. Each team has a different cost based on tournaments attending and if it includes travel. For specific information on a team, please click that team page to learn more. We do offer payment plans for all teams.

3. Why don’t you do class-based teams for HS?

  1. We have explored this model in the past and it could change in the future. However, our goal to serve the player, we have found that mixed teams serve all players in the program best. Just as in high school and college you will play with girls from different age groups.

4. Will this make a difference for my daughter's recruitment?

a. No, if your player is putting in the work, it does not affect recruiting. It is up to the athlete to put in the work including identifying the right fit of schools and communicating with those coaches.

5. Why do you travel as a team?

a. It helps promote team unity and chemistry. It also promotes life lessons and growth off the field. It helps reduce costs and relieve travel conflicts for parents.
We do not chaperone for the Academy age

6.  You travel as a team, but flights are not included? How does that work?
a. To allow flexibility but still offer chaperoning, we block team flights much like a room block at a hotel. This allows all players the opportunity to be on the same flight as coaches. It also gives parents the options of booking vacations or college visits on the back or front end of tournaments, if parents are attending.      

7. Are tournaments mandatory?

  1. Yes, if you are a rostered player, we expect you to participate in all tournaments listed. If you are unable to attend, please communicate that to the director as early as possible.
    1. The Academy is ala cart for tournaments

8. Who will coach my daughter's team?

a. Due to OGLA following OSAA rules we are going to wait to assign coaches until after rosters are completed. We have an AWESOME coaching staff, and most teams will have two coaches assigned only to their team.

9. Why is the Academy the only option for my daughter's age? 

a. The academy is an initiative to help with growth in our younger age groups. This model aligns better with US Lacrosse and allows for maximum development at younger ages. It still allows for players interested in tournaments to opt in while developing the future of Oregon girl’s lacrosse.

10. How many players are usually on a team?

  1. We typically roster 18-20. Teams sometimes have alternates or practice players as well-, but we strive to travel with no more than 20 to a tournament (exceptions can apply).

11. I want more lacrosse; can I play on multiple club teams?

  1. We kindly ask that rostered players fully commit to Rippers. In the past when players were on multiple clubs, it has led to issues including practice and tournament conflicts, burn out, lack of Rippers team chemistry and recruitment confusion. If you want more lacrosse options, please reach out and we can advise you on other opportunities to meet your needs!

Individual Skills

We are looking to add additional individual development during the summer on Wednesday nights for Travel Teams. Academy players receive individual, and team develop due to the practice design. 

Team Practice Info

2 Nights per week in evening- typically 5pm-9pm range -  Tuesday/Thursday at typically Horizon Christian or Lakeridge HS

Academy practices will be M/Th to help limit other sports conflicts

Weekend practices- typically Sundays.
Some mid-week night practices building up for a tournament.
Typically at Horizon Christian or Lakeridge HS

Additional Questions?