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Girls Rippers

Welcome to our Girls' Rippers Page!

2016 Girls Rippers Program at Sandstorm, Palm Springs Tournament

It’s official, Lacrosse Northwest has put Oregon girls’ lacrosse on the national radar of college recruiters.   After coming off of our strongest Rippers travel season, we are looking forward to seeing our girls continue on the up and up to the next level. 

From Oregon to Washington, California, Colorado, Virginia, and Florida, our girls travel to a variety of tournaments during the off-season.  We have something for everyone including 5th - 12th grade lacrosse players.

Our Rippers mission is clear
Lacrosse Northwest strives to provide a Program of teams where the directors and coaches develop players who dedicate their time into becoming the most well-rounded players and student athletes possible regardless of socioeconomic status.  The LaxNW Rippers Program will continue to encourage flexibility for its directors and coaches to meet the needs of individual players and the entire Program.  We understand that no two players are the same, and therefore, individuals are taught according to their individual personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. 

We value our coaches’ expertise and encourage sharing ideas, creativity, teamwork, respect, honesty, and continued education in the “field”.  Lacrosse Northwest is committed to providing a dependable, affordable, safe, relative, and competitive Program to its student athletes.  We will continue to grow our reputation as a top Program in Oregon and continue providing the tools necessary to see our players progress on a college lacrosse career path that is appropriate for their individual needs.

We are a Unified Team/Program
“The more time we spend off the field together, the better the team plays on the field” ~Lacrosse Northwest

If what we are doing is preparing our girls for the next level (college), traveling together is certainly a first step.  Our girls gain the experience of traveling with their coaches and staying with their teams. 
With how we care for our players of all ages, needs, and abilities, our players quickly realize we are geared to suit the athlete while continuing to be a highly competitive program.

Since 2008 we have seen our players off to all levels of college lacrosse (DI, DII, DIII, and Club) based on the individual needs of the player/family.  To see where our Rippers have committed,
click here.  

Directors and Coaches
Our coaches are some of the best that the state of Oregon has to offer! 


Why Play for Lacrosse Northwest?

By Lacrosse Northwest 07/08/2014, 1:00pm PDT

11 Reasons to Become a Ripper

1. We are the ONLY program offering our incoming fall 2014 sophomores, juniors, and seniors’ six (6) tournament options over the course of the next season. Additionally, we are offering a well-balanced number of tournaments for our 7th, 8th, and 9th graders.

2. Our retention rate of girls Rippers from year to year overall has lead us to our success on the field showing in our winning record. Oregon Represent

3. Eighteen of the twenty-one (18/21) potential roster spots for the Oregon Women’s National Tournament (WNT) team are Rippers’ players.

4. All of our coaches are not only experienced players but are TEACHERS OF THE GAME. We opt to hire experienced High School and College as our LEAD coaches, rather than young players because we feel this group of ladies excels at teaching the game and developing the character of young athletes. They are also mentors of our collegiate player coaches; leading them to the next level of coaching.  Being a great teacher and being a great player are not the same thing (although our coaches will tell you that they're both).

5. Our program is the only Oregon program that handles travel and accommodations for your player to all team tournaments.  This provides a great experience for the player to travel with a team, saves you money (since we book in group rates) and means that parents do not need to attend tournaments, or can enjoy their experiences knowing that their children are properly supervised.  We do everything we can to remove all headaches for the parents at a fair price without hidden costs. 

6. Lacrosse Northwest is the oldest club lacrosse program in Oregon with an inception of 1998.  In our seventh year of our girls' rippers teams, we have grown to four teams strong and have seen 300+ players through our program traveling to tournaments in Florida, Colorado, California, Arizona, and Washington.  Most of our alumni are playing at the collegiate level (DI, DII, DIII, Club) which helps provide more resources for our current players than any other program.

7. In our first year of offering boys’ travel teams we have taken over 100 players to tournaments in Washington and California and have scored victories over established programs including Brady's Bunch, Mad Lax, LA Mavs, Team Panos and more.  Players from each of our past elite teams have gone on to play NCAA and MCLA Lacrosse.  Fifty percent of the players on our 2014 Elite team received contacts from college coaches.

8. We sponsor the Portland Men's Rippers' team (lead by our Boys' Rippers Directors) who brought home the Spring 2014 Championship Trophy for winning their division.

9. Our partnership with Sportsforce gives our girls an online profile where they will be seen by 100s of recruiters across the country.  One more tool to give them that extra boost to playing in college.

10. SWAG!  We want our players looking their best.  No, it isn't the swag that makes a great player, however, it is always awesome to look good while playing great!  From the socks to the apparel and travel bags, our Rippers are WELL taken care of. 

11. We "Rip-it-Up!"